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E-cigarettes were dismissed by several international tobacco companies at the beginning, however, the market began to slowly grow and the possibility of this market possible rendering traditional tobacco obsolete. Companies then began to produce and market their own brand of e-cigarettes. The first company to sell e-cigarettes on the UK was British American Tobacco (BAT). BAT went on to launch VYPE in 2013, therefore VYPE was the first Vapour Product in the UK. BAT is a leading traditional tobacco business and are also one of the leading developers of e-cigarettes, and they offer their consumers potentially less risky alternatives to regular cigarettes.


They have a wide range of new devices like the Vype ePen, eTank and eBox and as of 2017, their products are available across other markets around the world like France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Colombia, Guatemala, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc.


Over the years VYPE has grown and there are many old and new products to choose from. This can be very overwhelming, particularly if you are new to their products and e-cigarettes. First it is wise to know that there are different vaporizer systems, there is a complete system which are most cig-a-likes ad most pen style vaporizers. With these types of vaporizers, you can add juice and go with an easily replaceable oil or disposable atomizer. New devices are however, sold as individual components and they allow for the users to mix and match different parts to their very own custom device.


Every VYPE e-cigarrete is designed to be used with a different type of eLiquid, because e-cigarettes function by turning liquid into vapour. Therefore, flavour is such an integral part of the e-cigarrete.


If you are already introduced to the Vapour world, then you are aware of how pricy they can be. However, Hidiscountcodes.com offers you an array of endless VYPE discounts, VYPE promotions and VYPE vouchers. Hidiscountcodes.com allows you to shop for your favourite leading e-cigarrete without the fear of it breaking the bank. All you must do is get the VYPE Discount code, or the VYPE Promo code or a VYPE voucher and your Vype product will be delivered to your doorstep.


Just grab your computer go onto www.Hidiscountcodes.com/vype-discount-codes and you will have access to numerous VYPE Vouchers ranging from buy 5 Vype e-Liquids and get one free to Vype sign up promotions giving you 20% of your next order or Vype Specials on Micro USB charging cables. All you must do then, is find the right promo, discount and or voucher code, and click on it. You will then be taken to a page that provides you with either your chosen VYPE promo code, VYPE voucher code or VYPE discount code. Copy the code and then click on the tab below “Go to govype.com” that will take you to the checkout tray directly on the Vype Website https://www.govype.com/uk/ and voila there you have it instant unlimited saving and further unlimited access to all the best promotions, vouchers and discounts to complete your custom e-cigarrete experience at the click of a button.


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